Questtonó is an innovation and design consulting firm, which works with a systemic approach focused on people. Their PR challenge revolved around boosting the company’s visibility among potential clients and partners, as well as expanding their brand recognition beyond the field of design. We also helped them consolidate a new brand and a new global positioning, which are better aligned to modern market needs and the company’s personality. 


We started off with a PR diagnosis that included an in-depth analysis of the way the company’s main competitors used their proprietary communication and spontaneous media channels. We subsequently mapped the main key messages of Questtonó and their communication potential. Since then, we have been working on actions that have already yielded important results, such as the promotion of projects and spokespeople on media vehicles such as Folha de S.Paulo, Draft and GQ, in addition to organizing networking meetings and producing press events. 


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In Brazil since 2009, technology consulting firm ThoughtWorks was very well known within the local tech community, but had very low visibility among big market players. As such, we were hired to develop a PR strategy that focused on positioning the company as an excellent partner in all things technology-related, highlighting the attributes that best reflect its personality. In order to achieve that, we developed a strategy to draw the attention of the media and influencers through the company’s products and purposes. 


The results were published in several vehicles available in the entire country such as Exame, Época Negócios, Valor Econômico and Forbes, and has allowed ThoughtWorks to consolidate its image not only as an important player on the tech scene, but also as a company that is truly committed to diversity and the impact its work has on society. 


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In the late 1990s, Natura decided to incorporate ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity in its product formulas. Placing the Amazon rainforest at the core of this project, Natura pioneered the development of a business model that seeks the valorization of economic activities based on existing forests through the combination of science, nature and traditional knowledge, thus creating a virtuous cycle rooted in socio-biodiversity that became known throughout the country with its Ekos product line. Despite such a unique history, Natura lacked a reference document for its internal stakeholders containing the entire trajectory of its socio-biodiversity efforts and offering a detailed account of their practices in the Amazon together with local communities.

In order to create Natura’s socio-biodiversity business case, we interviewed several employees involved directly with this area, immersed ourselves in internal materials and read many articles and reports on the subject. As a result, we were able to produce a broad study that was 22 chapters and almost 200,000 characters long, which can now be used by the company’s many different departments to put together presentations, institutional or promotional materials or simply so that employees learn in detail everything Natura has done to promote economic activities in existing forests in Brazil. 


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Through strategic online and offline PR work, we achieved impressive results in promoting Vox Capital’s (a pioneering, Brazilian venture capital asset manager) initiatives, boosting the visibility of their work with companies they invest in and the crucial role they play in the positive impact investment ecosystem through a three-pronged strategy: calendar of guidelines, content and management. 


The results are reflected in the publication of stories about Vox and the companies it invests 

in on several Brazilian media channels, such as Folha de S. Paulo, Conta Corrente (GloboNews), Jornal da Band, Jornal da Record and Jornal do SBT, which were also featured on their respective social media accounts. 


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TAQE is a game app that trains and recommends young people for job positions. Its system uses the logic behind networking apps to simplify and improve recruitment processes, matching user profiles with the job openings posted by companies. We faced the challenge of announcing the app’s launch to Brazilian media and influencers in order to increase the number of openings available on the app and gain traction, with the ultimate goal of turning the startup into a relevant option for both companies and job seekers. 


Our online and offline PR work produced the interest required so that we could raise awareness of TAQE. We also helped the company find candidates for the openings posted on their app, which proved the essential role of PR as an important tool to attract users. Since its launch, there have been many stories and articles published about TAQE by many of the main print, online and television channels in Brazil, such as Folha de S. Paulo, Jornal da Band, Jornal do SBT, Istoé, Exame and Globonews. 


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TEDGlobal first came to Brazil in 2014, and we were called in to work together with the part of TED’s global PR team who specialized in Latin America to communicate this news, improve visibility of their events and boost local participation. Our work revolved around three specific tasks. First we announced to digital influencers and traditional media that TED Global was now in Brazil. Then we raised awareness and strengthened relationships by promoting TED Fellows (TED’s scholarship program) to leaders, influencers and the Brazilian media. Finally, we managed all PR when the event was held in Brazil. 


Among the many different actions we put together, we organized meetings between TED spokes people with influencers, opinion makers and several relevant corporate and institutional leaders, managed the event’s very sought-after press registration procedure and were the point people liaising with all Latin-American journalists during TEDGlobal. The large media attention attracted resulted in an exclusive interview with the Páginas Amarelas section of Veja magazine and articles published in some of the main Brazilian publications, which contributed significantly to raising awareness about TED among Brazilians. 


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TEM is a fintech company that manages pre-paid cards and acts as the issuer, manager and acquirer in the management and mediation of payments in a closed network of previously registered healthcare and life quality service providers. Since the company is a start-up with a very innovative approach, our mission was to boost the visibility of its business model as an alternative to traditional healthcare plans, through strategic work that used both online and offline PR actions. 


By promoting the solution created by TEM through strategic stories and media relationships, we obtained impressive results in several of the main print media, online and television channels in the country, such as Folha de S.Paulo, Metro, Valor Econômico, Jornal da Band, Jornal da Record and Jornal do SBT, with the stories being likewise posted on their social media feeds. 



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Call to Innovation is a cultural competition held by FIAP in partnership with Singularity University (SU). It challenged participants to create initiatives capable of improving the lives of millions of people through technology and was replicated by Singularity University in over 25 countries. Focusing on the topic “The Water Crisis”, Call to Innovation’s third edition took place in the first half of 2015, between January and May. Our PR strategy consisted of two main phases: product launch and result announcement, of both finalists and winners. 


Part of our communications strategy revolved around reaching out to influencers – public figures with solid reputations in the fields of innovation and technology – so they would hear about the competition and attend the award ceremony, which also featured a talk by Salim Ismail. The empathy and interest generated by the topic were outstanding: we received very positive results from dozens of people/institutions, who promoted it through their networks. The winner announcement attracted a lot of attention from domestic media, with a story airing on SBT, and interviews being given to El País O Estado de S.Paulo and Zero Hora. Additionally, the solution created was widely publicized on websites that focus specifically on agriculture. 



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Bain&Co, the world’s third largest and Brazil’s second largest strategy consulting firm, organizes a corporate retreat for approximately 400 of its employees based in South America at the end of every year. The goal is to integrate teams, inspiring and integrating “bainees” through success stories from the company itself. In 2015, the company hired Profile PR to overhaul their event based on the format used by TED conferences. In 2016, due to the successful implementation of this new format, we were again responsible for organizing their conference, reinforcing the use of this modern and inspiring format. We were responsible for curating the content presented at the event and co-created the flow of presentations based on talks with the speakers. We also planned and produced all conferences. This resulted in dynamic and inspiring events, with informative talks that moved audiences. 



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In May 2016, Red Bull brought together in Brasília employees from all over Brazil and Latin America to host Red Bull College, its national corporate meeting, which took place during the 

Wings for Life World Run. On day one of the event, the goal was to inspire the team and present the company’s new management model to them through a series of talks given by executives and athletes. For this reason, Profile PR was hired to coach the speakers, with a special focus being given to preparing a strong, clear discourse aligned to the event’s goals. 


Our work consisted of providing strategic advice about the event’s narrative and flow of presentations, coaching 15 speakers through one-on-one interviews, supporting discourse creation, and revising drafts and rehearsals. Additionally, we were responsible for the event’s artistic direction, the creation of a visual narrative for the presentations and supervision of content execution during the event. As a result, Red Bull College 2016 was an informal and dynamic event, with presentations that combined information and entertainment, beautiful images and videos, as well as strong messages through amazing life stories and innovative ideas. 



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