Call to Innovation is a cultural competition held by FIAP in partnership with Singularity University (SU). It challenged participants to create initiatives capable of improving the lives of millions of people through technology and was replicated by Singularity University in over 25 countries. Focusing on the topic “The Water Crisis”, Call to Innovation’s third edition took place in the first half of 2015, between January and May. Our PR strategy consisted of two main phases: product launch and result announcement, of both finalists and winners.

Part of our communications strategy revolved around reaching out to influencers – public figures with solid reputations in the fields of innovation and technology – so they would hear about the competition and attend the award ceremony, which also featured a talk by Salim Ismail. The empathy and interest generated by the topic were outstanding: we received very positive results from dozens of people/institutions, who promoted it through their networks. The winner announcement attracted a lot of attention from domestic media, with a story airing on SBT, and interviews being given to El País O Estado de S.Paulo and Zero Hora. Additionally, the solution created was widely publicized on websites that focus specifically on agriculture.