In the late 1990s, Natura decided to incorporate ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity in its product formulas. Placing the Amazon rainforest at the core of this project, Natura pioneered the development of a business model that seeks the valorization of economic activities based on existing forests through the combination of science, nature and traditional knowledge, thus creating a virtuous cycle rooted in socio-biodiversity that became known throughout the country with its Ekos product line. Despite such a unique history, Natura lacked a reference document for its internal stakeholders containing the entire trajectory of its socio-biodiversity efforts and offering a detailed account of their practices in the Amazon together with local communities.

In order to create Natura’s socio-biodiversity business case, we interviewed several employees involved directly with this area, immersed ourselves in internal materials and read many articles and reports on the subject. As a result, we were able to produce a broad study that was 22 chapters and almost 200,000 characters long, which can now be used by the company’s many different departments to put together presentations, institutional or promotional materials or simply so that employees learn in detail everything Natura has done to promote economic activities in existing forests in Brazil.