In May 2016, Red Bull brought together in Brasília employees from all over Brazil and Latin America to host Red Bull College, its national corporate meeting, which took place during the Wings for Life World Run. On day one of the event, the goal was to inspire the team and present the company’s new management model to them through a series of talks given by executives and athletes. For this reason, Profile PR was hired to coach the speakers, with a special focus being given to preparing a strong, clear discourse aligned to the event’s goals.

Our work consisted of providing strategic advice about the event’s narrative and flow of presentations, coaching 15 speakers through one-on-one interviews, supporting discourse creation, and revising drafts and rehearsals. Additionally, we were responsible for the event’s artistic direction, the creation of a visual narrative for the presentations and supervision of content execution during the event. As a result, Red Bull College 2016 was an informal and dynamic event, with presentations that combined information and entertainment, beautiful images and videos, as well as strong messages through amazing life stories and innovative ideas.