TAQE is a game app that trains and recommends young people for job positions. Its system uses the logic behind networking apps to simplify and improve recruitment processes, matching user profiles with the job openings posted by companies. We faced the challenge of announcing the app’s launch to Brazilian media and influencers in order to increase the number of openings available on the app and gain traction, with the ultimate goal of turning the startup into a relevant option for both companies and job seekers.

 Our online and offline PR work produced the interest required so that we could raise awareness of TAQE. We also helped the company find candidates for the openings posted on their app, which proved the essential role of PR as an important tool to attract users. Since its launch, there have been many stories and articles published about TAQE by many of the main print, online and television channels in Brazil, such as Folha de S. Paulo, Jornal da Band, Jornal do SBT, Istoé, Exame and Globonews.


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